The New Nordic Group is a highly diversified cooperation focusing on real estate, property development, resort management, restaurant development and retail, with branches in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Norway. The vision of the Group is to create all-inclusive holiday villages for the owners and customers to enjoy the best of what South Eastern Asia has to offer. Our corporate head office is located in Hong Kong.


New Nordic Property

The New Nordic Group’s flagship operations is property development and real estate, with the vision of developing all-inclusive holiday villages across South Eastern Asia and Europe. The Group currently has more than more than 70 projects in Thailand alone, with projects in Indonesia and Cambodia being launched this year. The Group is known for its commitment to quality construction and support throughout the whole purchase process from our diverse sales team.

New Nordic Hotels & Resorts

The New Nordic Group Hotel & Resorts is the second largest business unit within the cooperation, and ranges from modern studio apartments to luxury penthouses both for holiday seekers and residential living. Their newest branch is New Nordic Exclusive, with medieval themed castles and luxurious palaces at selected destinations in South East Asia. The New Nordic Hotels & Resorts Corporation is managed independently by a team of dedicated professionals.

New Nordic Restaurants

New Nordic Restaurants is its own independent division under the New Nordic Group managed by a highly qualified team of entrepreneurs and visionaries, together with our executive chefs. They currently operate a wide selection of outlets, from a European Steakhouse to an authentic Chinese Restaurant and a Scandinavian bakery.

New Nordic Retail

As a part of the New Nordic vision to develop all-inclusive holiday villages at all destinations, the New Nordic Retail division has grown to currently consist of more than 100 outlets. These outlets are either being operated by the Group itself or outsourced to third parties. New Nordic Retail fields of specialty range from New Nordic Atrium with two floors dedicated to a supermarket and the condominium New Nordic Trend 7, with its own spa and fitness concept.

The New Nordic Holiday Village - What is it all about?

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