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New Nordic Group started its South East Asia adventure in Thailand more than a decade ago. Not an unfortunate choice. With the second-largest economy in ASEAN, Thailand is one of the most dynamic countries in Southeast Asia. Hugely popular as favorite tourist destination and that is not just because of its gentle climate. The Kingdom of Thailand is known for some of the best cuisines in the world; beautiful beaches and its rich traditional and intangible cultural heritage. Along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand, on the Eastern Seaboard, the New Nordic Group pioneered its first hospitality project which rapidly ventured out into a conglomerate of what it is today.

New Nordic’s greatest asset is its workforce. A team consisting of dedicated industry professionals and visionaries, determined to continue growing quality hotel portfolio which optimize values to the group and its stakeholders. A continues search expanding a well-diversified hotel portfolio in high growth segments and new emerging destinations.

In today’s world, great investments and holiday experiences must be rooted in a business model focused on sustainable and ethical operations. As a result, the Group has taken their social (orange) and environmental (green) initiatives at all locations to a new level and built a new strategic framework labelled “One World” for all operations. As such, the Group has taken stand to become a leader for change in its industry.

New Nordic Group’s vision and strategies apply to all of its brands and partners while allowing them to maintain their own brand identity. Important core values for a sustainable growth are:

Our vision

To expand a well-diversified hotel portfolio in high growth segments and new developing destinations. Pairing growth with our mission to create tolerance and understanding across different cultures and borders by bringing people together.

Our strategy

To ensure sustainable growth and stability in offering innovative and ethical investment opportunities and travel experiences in emerging destinations to everyone, everywhere.

Our dedication

To look beyond mere personal success and dedicate our efforts to the success of others.

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Our values

Our commitment towards our people is to enhance efficiency in a workable environment as well as to lessen reliance on individuals. To inspire our workforce to continue improving themselves with dedication and by learning.

Our commitment being a good and responsible corporate citizen by taking care of our communities and environment with respect for local traditions.

Our commitment to make our world a better place and going above and beyond to reach that goal.

Our commitment to improve through development of systems, human capitals and core competencies.

Our commitment to deliver our promise by sustaining the same high level of quality and similar standards across all brands and destinations.

Our commitment to keep things simple, transparent and acceptable for all.

The New Nordic Group World

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Think Global – Act Local. To excel into various destinations and new territories you will have to rely on local expertise and resources. The New Nordic Group is a member of a strong platform of individual brands led by dedicated local professionals, who are experts in their field.

New Nordic Investment

New Nordic Investment

The New Nordic Group has been dedicated to growing markets in the Asia Pacific for over a decade. The company currently manages a well-diversified portfolio of projects across Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia and has over 50 operational projects. They were recognized for the “Best Innovative Investment product 2019” by South East Asia Property Awards.

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Arumi Invest

Arumi Invest

Arumi Invest is managed by a team of local specialists for Latin America with projects across the continent. Their developments range from beach-front resorts to eco-friendly lodges with magnificent views. Arumi also owns its own eco-certified coffee plantation in the beautiful mountains of Sierra Nevada.

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Oroma Invest

Oroma Invest

Oroma Invest holds a strong presence in some of the fastest growing regions on the African continent. With projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi, the company offers an impressive portfolio ranging from UNESCO sites to national parks. Africa has one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world.

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Auran Group

Auran Group

Institutional clients are accommodated by our Auran Group, a US investment structure to ensure the highest degree of security and subsequent peace of mind to their clients. Auran was awarded “Innovative Investment Product of the Year” by RE/MAX.

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