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The New Nordic Group has, since its beginning, been dedicated to find new and emerging destinations and to see the potential of these locations by utilizing new and innovative approaches. By bridging the real estate and hospitality sector, the Group has been able to offer a range of great investments and holiday experiences to their people and partners. The Group is dedicated to continue to venture into new and coming destinations and opportunities in a constantly evolving world.

In today’s world, great investments and holiday experiences must be rooted in a business model focused on sustainable and ethical operations. As a result, the Group has taken their social (orange) and environmental (green) initiatives at all locations to a new level and built a new strategic framework labelled “One World” for all operations. As such, the Group is in 2019 taking a stand to become a leader for change in their industry.

Our vision and strategies apply to all our brands while allowing them to maintain their own brand identity.


To bring people together to create tolerance and understanding across cultural differences, backgrounds and borders.


We work to offer innovative, ethical and sustainable investments and travel experiences in emerging destinations to everyone, everywhere.

  • Orange Family: We believe that work in the 21st century is about more than a salary and daily tasks. We are committed to ensure that our team is given the freedom, support and space to challenge themselves and bring their passion into their work.
    We believe that this in turn is key in offering our clients the best service and products, as well as making sure the Group constantly is challenged and brought forward.
  • Orange Community: We believe that everything starts from home, and it is our job as visitors in new and coming destinations to respect and protect the local uniqueness and tradition of each destination, as well as learn together with the community how to always become better.
    We also believe that the world is constantly getting smaller and that we are stronger together, and that we in our work must strive to build bridges and tolerance across borders, cultures and backgrounds. 
  • Orange World: We believe that it is our responsibility as humans to acknowledge how our ways of life have affected our planet, and to take action to do better.
    We believe it is our job as a company and as people to ensure that we hand the planet down to our children in a better state than we received it.
  • Orange Innovation: We believe world is constantly changing, and that these changes have to be seen as opportunities, not challenges.
    The Group is dedicated to new ideas and innovation in current brands and locations, as well as pursuing new opportunities.
  • Orange Performance: We honor ourselves in delivering products and services to our clients that matches our promises.
    We therefore take ownership of each process ensure the same high level of quality and similar standards across all brands and destinations.
  • Orange Simplicity: We believe the world and daily life is complicated enough as it is, and that it is not our job to complicate matters further.
    We are therefore committed to making our products and services simple to understand and make use of.

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Since the start in 2009, the Group continues to innovate and bring new thinking to properties, product offerings, emerging markets, holiday experiences and locations. We are continuing to build on this business vision with a host of new countries, masterplan projects, variable use developments and new partnerships. A smarter selection and choice for all kinds of investors that delivers true security and confidence.

We believe that values bring value and as a part of the 10-year anniversary July 15th 2019, the New Nordic Group made a commitment to be a leader for change towards a more sustainable and ethical real estate and hospitality industry by taking responsibility to become a company with a fair and sustainable business model for our people, partners, communities and the planet.














The New Nordic Group consists of a selection of individual brands led by separate teams of professionals with expertise in their field of work. Together they offer investment opportunities and holiday experiences from all our destinations. Build your future investment portfolio with our landbanks, developments, hotel operations and ventures. Find your holiday home in the international hub of Pattaya or in bustling Angeles. Take a morning dive in our water worlds or take your family to see the evening fire show at Kon-Tiki beachfront restaurant. Dive into the waters of Lake Malawi or explore Kilimanjaro with a local guide.

Oroma & Arumi: The country and regional teams work to ensure that local regulations and commitments are considered at every level of a new venture. They also work to manage the current real estate portfolio, develop new projects for the Group, as well as identifying new areas and projects of interest. Oroma manages projects in Africa and Arumi in Latin America.

New Nordic Investment: Over the last 10 years, New Nordic Investment have developed a group of 3000 + investors that goes into new projects and developments together with the Group. New Nordic Investments offers holiday homes and turn-key investments in our different holiday resorts.

Auran Group: US investment structure offering investments in the Group’s land banks, project developments and hotel & resort operations. Auran was awarded “Innovative Investment Product of the Year” by RE/MAX. aurangroup.com

All brands are dedicated to the vision, mission and values of the Group, which you can read here.

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