Our hospitality division consisting of resorts, restaurants and retail across all our destinations has achieved record high results during the first quarter 2018.
The division started the year with 50,000 covers in their breakfast restaurants alone, excluding the visits in their all-day dining restaurants, events, functions and conferences held in our different locations.
The division have ended with a profit every month this far in 2018.
They have also secured new deals with several of the biggest tour operators and travel agencies throughout the year to ensure high rates, also in the low season. The guests come from a range of countries, with the focus being on the Chinese, Russian and French market.
Over the last six months the division has secured deals with two international hotel brands that will operate our newest hotels in Pattaya and Phuket.
Combined with the increased results in all departments of hospitality, the team has focused on cost saving and more efficient operations throughout. The Group has achieved a great status due to our size which has led us to secure deals with our suppliers on very beneficial terms. On a daily basis our F&B department uses 1000 eggs!
These results come as a result of New Nordic’s high focus on the hospitality division, bringing in a high level of professionals to manage these operations. Our team is led by a French team with more than 40 years of experience in the field working for 5 star hotels in countries such as China, France, Italy and several destinations in Thailand.


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