Our Promise

The Vision
We have positioned ourselves to evolve with the rapid and unprecedented growth of the tourist industry in Asia. We believe in maintaining full control of our operations in areas that showcase our strengths, and in collaborating with the world’s premier hospitality brands in a way that complements our products.

We believe in carrying out thorough due diligence before committing to any project, so that we can really focus on a select few that will truly be of benefit to all involved. We always look to innovate and adapt our company to suit the needs of a changing landscape.

Pillar 1: Orange Quality Control

Starting from our real estate developments, and now also present in our resorts, restaurants and travel services, the focus of New Nordic Group has always been on the product itself and ensuring that it is delivered on time to the guests’ expectations. We do not have fancy launch parties, big marketing campaigns or extravagant giveaways, as we believe that you should get what you pay for and that the time and money you invest in our divisions should be returned with professionalism and a good product. You will therefore never win a diamond ring in New Nordic Group, but we promise a fully furnished unit upon delivery, 24h sercurity, good quality food in our restaurants and a smile when you walk into our offices.

Pillar 2: The Orange Holiday Villages

New Nordic Group is today known for our holiday villages, which is a key aspect of our developments and operations. We rarely develop stand-alone projects, but focus on creating communities with apartments, restaurants, retail, activities, services, and a wide range of facilities. Also, when you buy an apartment through New Nordic Group, you automatically will have access to all services in that resort – while accepting that the other owners have the same rights. Not only does this give your unit a higher value, but it is also good for us as the facilities and services can be shared among the different buildings and owners.

Pillar 3: Orange Simplicity

At New Nordic Group we aim at making it easy for our guests and customers. Throughout our divisions our core idea is to simplify the processes and ensure that the experience for our customers is as straight forward as possible, either it is purchasing an apartment or ordering food in our restaurant. Our team will be there to assist every step along the way!

Pillar 4: The Orange Team

Since the start, the happiness of our staff has been key to the company. We believe that happy staff and a happy company gives us happy customers. The Orange Team operate with a flat organization structure, where input, ideas, and comments from all parts of the organization is welcomed. We also have orange activities for the staff throughout the year, such as selfie competitions, award ceremonies and special happenings such as the orange helmets which are given to everyone in the company. The work of the orange team is further strengthened through our Orange Ambassadors.

Pillar 5: Orange Society

At New Nordic Group we do not believe in building high walls around our projects, but rather ensuring that our projects become a part of the communities and local surroundings where they are located. Through initiatives as the Orange Foundation, the Orange Elephants and the Orange Privilege Card the New Nordic Group interact with our customers and local communities. We also support charity initiatives and local organizations and groups.

Pillar 6: Green goes Orange

When the UN announced 2017 to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, New Nordic Group considered this as the perfect opportunity to put focus on sustainable development and making the Orange Company Greener (in all ways except for the color!). That year, our divisions focused on good solutions for the company, our customers, and guests, as well as the environment!

Starting 2018 off right, we implemented a thorough and extensive plan enabling us to meet the high goals we have set. 2018; The Year Green turns Orange!