Our Promise

The Vision

We have positioned ourselves to evolve with the rapid and unprecedented growth of the tourist industry in Asia. We believe in maintaining full control of our operations in areas that showcase our strengths, and in collaborating with the world’s premier hospitality brands in a way that complements our products.

We believe in carrying out thorough due diligence before committing to any project, so that we can really focus on a select few that will truly be of benefit to all involved. We always look to innovate and adapt our company to suit the needs of a changing landscape.

Pillar 1: Quality Control

We always strive to offer a level of quality that even the most discerning will appreciate. A keen eye is kept on financials, ensuring that we can offer value for money that exceeds industry standards.

A focus on efficiency and integrity means that we can keep our sights set on remaining a market leader for years to come.

Pillar 2: The Holiday Villages

We are known for our Orange holiday villages, these form a large part of the appeal to investors. Not only do these bring with them a creation and sense of community, but also an enhancement to local property values and subsequent benefits to the investor.

Typical amenities include restaurants, retail outlets, health and leisure facilities, tour operators and more!

Pillar 3: Simplicity

Simplicity is something that we strive for in every aspect of our work. Investors and guests can all rest safe in the knowledge that their involvement and experience with us will be enjoyable, and rewarding.

Pillar 4: The Team

Rather like being part of a large family, all employees of the New Nordic Group are nurtured and encouraged to take part in an active debate as to the best ways to run the company.

All suggestions are taken on board, and this creates with it a hot-bed of activity that helps the company to thrive.

Pillar 5: Local Society

The core values behind our “Orange society” are introduced and implemented to maximize integration between the brand-new societies that we create, and their surrounding areas.

Initiatives such as the “Orange Foundation”, “Orange Elephants” and “Orange Privilege Card” have helped the New Nordic Group to interact with their customers and local communities.

Pillar 6: Orange goes Green

The New Nordic Group appreciate the importance of world environmental health and sustainability. Embracing the concepts of the United Nations 2017 international year of sustainable tourism and development has become a core focus for the group.